Setting up a hybrid environment based on SharePoint in Begarat company

About Begarat (Begarat Vertiebs - und service GmbH): 
Begarat is a member of the German group of companies Vemag, which has been developing, manufacturing, promoting, and supplying technological equipment for the food industry in the fields of molding, heat treatment, and packaging for more than 75 years. 
The German and Russian offices of Begarat have many overlapping business processes related to its production. Due to the fact that the data was stored in different systems, difficulties surfaced in internal communications on common tasks, as well as with the entry of data for contractors and their cataloging. In addition, there were separate portals installed on different SharePoint servers in Germany and Russia, which led to the point that most of the information was not synchronized. 
Goals and objectives of the project 
  • Creation of an information space in which general information from the cloud and two server portals should be synchronized. 
  • Synchronization of information on contractors from 1C with the SharePoint portal. 
  • Automation of the simultaneous data entry of products on the company's website, on the portal and in the accounting system. 
The goals were achieved by performing the following tasks: 
  • Creation of a hybrid environment from SharePoint Online and two server versions of SharePoint, in Russia and Germany. 
  • Customization and functionality integration between SharePoint hybrid, OneDrive, managed metadata services, search, and user profiles. 
  • Synchronization of SharePoint with 1C by creating a mechanism for transferring data from the 1C directory (counterparty card) to SharePoint. 
  • Synchronization of SharePoint and 1C with WordPress by creating a mechanism for transferring product data from SharePoint to the company's website. 
Solution and results 
To achieve the goals and objectives of creating a hybrid environment, Begarat chose the IT company Conteq as a contractor since its development team holds the expertise of creating a hybrid environment using SharePoint. 
About setting up a hybrid SharePoint environment 
Begarat's SharePoint hybrid environment merged SharePoint Online and two SharePoint Servers 2019. The hybrid environment was created to integrate SharePoint Online work services with SharePoint Server services, providing a single service experience and data access. 
In a hybrid environment, information is exchanged between SharePoint Online and the two server versions of SharePoint, thus providing users with access to the desired resources and content, regardless the location of the database. 
Whenever the users search in SharePoint Online, they also get search results from server versions of SharePoint. 
Setting up synchronization of SharePoint with ERP 1C 
As 1C is used only by the Russian representative office, synchronization made it possible to simplify the processes of obtaining data for colleagues from two countries. Now from 1C data of reference books (cards of contractors) is transferred and vice versa from SharePoint to 1C. A mechanism was implemented that allows users to independently determine and indicate where to send data from the reference book: to the server version of SharePoint in Germany, to the server version of SharePoint Russia, or to the cloud version of SharePoint. 
Configuring synchronization of SharePoint with the company's website on WordPress CMS  
A product card from a hybrid SharePoint environment is now automatically drawn to the company website. This process is organized as follows: 
  • Administrator finds a product card in 1C 
  • Then loads the card 
  • The card enters into a hybrid SharePoint environment 
  • From a hybrid SharePoint environment, the product card goes to WordPress, 
  • A link is generated in WordPress, which is returned to the 1C 
All this is necessary, so that the administrator does not make the duplicate entry of product cards into different systems. The created mechanism significantly saves the time of the responsible specialist and minimizes the number of errors associated with incorrect entry of the site link, etc. 
Conteq about the lessons learned 
While working on the project, Conteq developers and analysts used their experience of setting up hybrid environments and worked out the creation of mechanisms for exchanging data between different systems. 
It is also worth noting that the experience gained from working in an international environment. 

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