DocSpace EDM/BPMS SharePoint Techs

Admiralty Shipyards is one of the oldest shipbuilding enterprises in Russia with 3 centuries of history, the first industrial enterprise in St. Petersburg. The area of the enterprise consists of 39 hectares, whereas the share of the company's revenue in the gross regional product of St. Petersburg is 1.5%.
Along with the processing of thousands documents per day without the convenient electronic document management system the overflow of both electronic form and paper form of documents appears. Employees have difficulties in obtaining up-to-date information on the status of work, official documents are lost, and the duration of the approval process increases, which directly affects the overall performance of the entire company.
That is why Conteq, a Golden Microsoft Partner, was chosen for the implementation of DocSpace, the EDM system based on SharePoint, which automates all the work with documents, including:
·       document flow;
·       execution and control of execution of documents;
·       documents approval;
·       the process of forming and coordinating passes for checkpoints;
·       storage of documents.
Our team of specialists successfully completed the tasks of the project, such as:
·       Improving the quality and efficiency of work with documents.
·       Reduction of labor and time costs and overhead costs for the enterprise document flow
·       Monitoring the timeliness of the execution of orders.
·       Organization of a single centralized storage of documents.
·       Ensuring uninterrupted work for all users of the company.
·       Gradual transition to electronic (paperless) document flow.
As a result, the work with incoming and outgoing correspondence and both organizational and administrative documentation was fully automated. The new solution allowed Admiralty Shipyards to significantly reduce the time and several times reduce the costs of reviewing and approving documents within the company, streamline a large volume of incoming documents, and significantly increase transparency and manageability in the company.