RiskControl -
organization risk management information system

RiskControl allows you to automate the organization's risk management processes and gain a comprehensive understanding of all the risks that the organization faces, as well as find those risks that threaten its strategic goals.

RiskControl guarantees compliance with requirements and regulations, allows a comprehensive quantitative analysis of risks for the organization as a whole, areas or individual projects, collects statistics and accumulates a knowledge base of typical risks.

RiskControl is used for risk management of projects, programs and project portfolios and integrates with leading project and project portfolio management systems.

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Opportunities of RiskControl
Accumulation and maintenance of a knowledge base using templates of risks and responses.
Single register of project and process risks.
Integration of risk management processes with corporate infrastructure.
Risk documentation with versioning.
Automated control of the risk status within its lifecycle.
Support for built-in models of qualitative risk analysis.
Possibility of integration with external quantitative risk analysis tools.
The ability to flexibly configure the risk route in accordance with the company's business processes.
Maintaining of a list of preventive and corrective measures with the appointment of responsible persons and control of execution.
Support for the role model of data access.
Integration with project management systems.
E-mail alerts about any significant changes in the monitored risks in real time.

Interfaces of RiskControl

RiskControl is an integrated information system used to aggregate risk data and help decision makers to evaluate business risks.
How does it work for everyone ?
RiskControl features:
• Monitor the probability of failure to achieve the strategic goals of the organization, what risks threaten the strategy and how well they are managed.

• Obtain a quantitative assessment of the impact of risks on the financial performance of each business line.

• Evaluate how well the company manages operational and project risks using customizable performance indicators that reflect your specifics.

• Assess the exposure to risks of various investment projects.

• Access to a convenient and customizable platform for reporting and risk monitoring right from your PC, tablet or smartphone.
• Identify weaknesses in the risk management plan.

• Track how well the risk management plans are being implemented.

• Determine the most appropriate strategy for managing your risk portfolio.

• Assign specific risk treatment tasks to individual employees.

• Receive notifications directly by email about any significant changes in the risks you are tracking.

• Receive notifications about changes to the risk register.
• A simple tool for generating reports that grab the attention of senior management.

• Tools for multidimensional analysis of the company's active risk base.

• Integration with external quantitative analysis systems.

• Involvement of all employees of the organization in risk management processes.

• Automation of processes for identification, assessment and monitoring of risks in structural units. Monitoring the execution of tasks by the responsible executors on time.

• Monitoring compliance with the corporate risk management methodology.
• An up-to-date list of tasks related to risk management processes and response plans assigned to an employee, with an indication of deadlines.

• Integration of response plans into project and task management systems.

• Using the knowledge base for the more accurately identification of risks and preparation of response plans.

• Notification of the need to monitor or reassess the risk, the approach of regulatory deadlines, etc.

What are the advantages of the solution ?
Availability of a pluggable risk management knowledge base by industry and business line, including typical risks and their response measures

Availability of a pluggable risk management knowledge base by industry and business line, including typical risks and their response measures
The only process-oriented enterprise-grade risk management system

The only process-oriented corporate risk management system
Ability to use various models of quantitative risk assessment

Ability to use various models of quantitative risk assessment
Integration with project management systems

Integration with project management systems
Services for the implementation of risk management systems:
Creation and development of a corporate risk management system
• We define the organizational structure, areas of responsibility, roles, functions and lines of accountability of the participants in the risk management process.

• We form a regulatory and methodological framework for risk management processes.

• We define and regulate steps within each stage of the risk management process (including assessment, identification of risks, development of risk management measures, monitoring and preparation of reports on risks).

• We form a register of risks, identify key risks by areas of activity, identify risk owners, rank risks by their degree of importance, help in developing risk management measures and preparing risk reports.

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Assessment of the effectiveness of the risk management system
• We carry out diagnosis of the current state of the RMS for compliance with the leading standards in the field of risk management, such as COSO ERM, ISO 31000, applicable regulatory requirements and best practices in the field of risk management.

• We assess the level of maturity of the RMS according to the PwC methodology, including a detailed analysis of the main components of the RMS.

• We determine the directions for the phased development of the RMS and prepare a roadmap for the implementation of appropriate changes, taking into account the needs and facts of the business.

• We assess the effectiveness of the risk management function based on the statistical information available in the company and / or formalize an approach for regularly assessing the effect of risk management measures and the effect of RMS in general for reporting to the top management of the company.

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Strategic risk management and risk appetite
• We define and develop the concept of the company's risk appetite.

• We will improve the existing concept of risk appetite, taking into account the existing needs of the company.

• We develop statements of risk appetite at the corporate level and ensure the cascading of risk appetite to the main functional divisions of the organization.

• We provide support in integrating the concept of risk appetite at all levels of the company.

• We carry out a quantitative assessment of the risk appetite.

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Corporate risk culture
• We carry out diagnosis of the current culture of risk management in the company and define the target picture of risk-oriented culture.

• We develop a communications and content plan (e-mail newsletters, memos, brochures, notes to the corporate newspaper, etc.), as well as provide support in its implementation.

• We develop programs and conduct corporate training.

• We prepare programs to consolidate and monitor risk culture (development of a set of supporting activities and trainings, verification tests, KPIs, employee motivation programs, etc.).

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Implementing Risk Based Planning
In order to successfully integrate risk management into business planning processes, we can:

• Form a business plan taking into account risks, assess the impact of business changes on KPIs, taking into account financial and material flows.

• Automate, simplify and systematize the process of assessing and analyzing the risks of business plans.

• Develop or correct regulatory documents for business planning.

• Develop a scheme of interaction between the planning function and the risk management function in the process of analyzing and accounting for risks in the business plan (budget).

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Modeling of project risks
• Modeling of project risks

• We can help you improve the accuracy of project risk assessments.

• We will assess the impact of risks on the key indicators of the project, on the basis of which decisions are made: NPV, IRR, CAPEX, OPEX.

• We will assess the impact of risks not only on the project budget, but also on the positive cash flow.

• We rank the risks according to the degree of influence on the key indicators of the project and help to balance the cost of corrective actions using the concept of "risk-income", and also calculate the outstanding risk based on the results of the implementation of corrective actions.

Our services include:
• Creation of risk-based strategic or operational planning models.
• Formation of risk assessment models for investment projects.

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Organization of seminars and short-term training events
• We provide express training for senior executives, members of the board of directors.
• We solve practical cases, taking into account the facts of the business.
• We help to moderate risk sessions in the process of identifying and assessing cross-functional risks.

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