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DocSpace —
e-Contract Management System built on Microsoft SharePoint

DocSpace is crucial for the team to streamline the entire lifecycle from drafting the first pages of the contract to further steps of its development such as:
  • Negotiations
  • Approvals
  • Singing
  • Archiving
  • Renewal

Разработка мобильных приложений

For boosting business efficiency by automating the contract workflow. To speed up the workflow even more, further contract negotiation can be done from the same place so contract parties should not jump to emails and upload/ download documents many times. The parties also stay in this one-window environment to get contracts digitally signed. With this new way of contracting, business teams are totally independent and equipped with necessary documents to get deals closed whereas lawyers on more high-value legal advisory.

Automate your contract management, skip useless steps, and shorten contract approval lifecycle. Collaborate effectively with business teams, get rid of paper-work, make contract process transparent and controllable.

    Since every single contract requires precautionary measures
    Avoid leakage of confidential information
    Avoid cumbersome and chaotic approval process to ensure no vital step is skipped
    Avoid communication gap with concerned person
    DocSpace empowers you fully throughout the lifecycle of the contract by enabling to
    Set accessibility rights to someone based on relevance and limitation as per contract
    Send contracts to co-workers of other departments in accordance with rules
    Set deadlines
    Monitor assigned tasks in connection with a certain contract
    Search and retrieve your contracts by applying filters and saving most frequent searches
    Report the status of the contract by defining the level of details in the report
    Discover the bottleneck in the process
    Determine the reasons of delays
    Creating a customized contract using DocSpace is very easy. Would you like to use a particular template or various contract types, so that DocSpace may use your preferences? Would you like to have a collection of documents such as appendixes, specifications, drawings, so that DocSpace may facilitate you to store them on a single place? Or in other case where a few contracts need to be linked with each other, so that DocSpace may meet these requirements too
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    The approval processes of internal or external contract should be defined & supervised. Choose any method that is applicable for your business contract type, value, and period etc.
    You may allow users to specify if a contract needs to be approved by someone else. You can set a deadline for any step and control it.
    Ensure transparency of the whole process by not only covering approval or disapproval stages, but also collecting comments, information about the progress, and responsible staff.
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    Once the contract is signed, monitor its execution by assigning tasks and deadlines in order to expedite the process and control over the timelines as well as any potential damages.
    Attach any relevant documents to your contract.
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    Would you like to extend or close the contract, have it retrieved and either linked to a new one or simply have it closed in the system by passing through an acceptance procedure?
    Re-assign the endorser, update the content of the contract, or simply copy the document and change whatever is applicable. This will take you to the initial stage of the contract development - drafting.
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    Learn how you can manage your contract now, better than before!

    Contract management has become easiest now

    By using DocSpace you will be able to reduce costs & risks
    the year DocSpace was released to the international market
    system users are manufacturing, consulting firms
    100 000
    concurrent users can work
    The modular configuration of DocSpace enables you to easily customize the required functionality for specific business tasks. You will be able to independently develop the solutions on the DocSpace platform without writing a single line of code.
    Setting up without coding
    The system was created without breaking the SharePoint core. At the same time, any complex logic of business processes can be implemented in DocSpace. It enables you to operate with both strict regulations and work with free orders.
    SharePoint integration with SAP
    You can integrate DocSpace with corporate platforms, ERP-systems, accounting systems, CRM, MRM-systems, etc.
    SharePoint constructor
    The system considers the fundamentals of the SharePoint platform, Microsoft applications and provides unique opportunities for managing access rights.