High-tech business solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technology and expertise in the field of computer vision, video analytics , analysis of big data and predictive analytics.

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Identification of patterns of behavior of the people and animals

Non-destructive testing of products (identification of discrepancies between elements of products and design documentation).

Equipment accident rate forecasting

Identifying revenue and investments dependency based on the analysis of historical data

In modern realities, the behavioral characteristics of people, their performance of specified actions at a certain time, are directly related to the efficiency of the business. For example :

  • An employee whose duties include working at the table, while constantly getting up and moving around the room will clearly be less useful to his employer than his more attentive colleague.
  • There are enterprises where there is a special mode of finding people in specified zones or premises. It is often unrealistic for local leaders to follow such rules and identify violators on their own.
In both cases, the video analytics system will be able to both promptly respond to recorded events and issue various reports on the selected parameters.
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The issues of high-quality manufacturing of products are very acute at many manufacturing enterprises. A product that does not meet its specified characteristics can slow down the technological process or reverse it. In this case, the time and financial losses of the enterprise are obvious .

Often, departments of technical control carry out verification of compliance to the "manual", that is, using only measuring instruments. In the case of large-sized products, as well as in the case of a large number of products, such work takes a lot of time and human resources.

Flaw detection products - This solution allows using the recognition photos and videos to compare them to reference and identify existing discrepancies. Using such an approach can significantly accelerate the acceptance of products, to reduce influence of the human factor, a savings in labor costs.
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Stable operation of machines and other equipment is an important factor in determining production efficiency.

In the market of modern IT solutions, there are many monitoring systems that allow here and now to signal the operator about the occurrence of emergency situations, however, over a long period of time, a more important indicator is the forecast of equipment operation.

Accumulated information about various parameters of the equipment resulting from the monitoring can be used for subsequent analysis and prediction as a consequence of accidents.
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Modern companies, business performance depends on the number of sales may not always fix the direct relationship between marketing activities, investments, and the end result. In this regard, the following questions arise:

  • By opening a new store in a given area and starting the sale of a given assortment there, how many sales will be received?
  • How to take into account many factors such as seasonality, point of sale location, product characteristics and get the target efficiency?
Historical data analysis technologies allow, based on accumulated data with a variety of characteristics, to automatically identify dependencies between them, to predict the result by a variety of parameters.
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Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services is a comprehensive set of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you build intelligent applications.

Application with human capabilities. Vision.
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We apply , among other things , classic AI technologies:
  • Math modeling
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Development of complex algorithms in Phyton language
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Our team consists of specialists with higher specialized education, academic degrees in sciences and candidates of PHD, who have extensive practical experience in developing complex algorithms, using various neural networks.

Our company has a large number of certificates confirming the wide range of expertise of our specialists which is necessary for the creation and implementation of modern AI technologies.
We have partnered with leading technical universities of St. Petersburg, which gives us the ability to use scientific spadework and attract talented young professionals to projects.
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Neural networks
Deep Learning
Math Modeling
· Business analysts are immersed in the task of business problem, conduct an audit of existing data, analyze the current status of the existing engineering, define the requirements for the solution and form a concept.

· Estimation of preliminary cost and duration of work
Processing a request
· Data analysts conduct in-depth analysis of the available data, identify the relationships between them, and determine the necessary data for further training the system.

· A group of engineers identify the requirements for the hardware part of the solution , work out integrations with the existing network solutions of the company.

· The requirements for a pilot project are highlighted.

· Recommendations are developed on the platform, preparation of the Customer's team and the existing infrastructure for the implementation of project.

· Detailed planning of the implementation project is carried out.
· The selection and training of the neural network is carried out on the basis of primary data.

· The equipment is being installed and configured to test the hypothesis of the solution.

· The minimum required interfaces are developed .

· Data analysts confirm the validity of the AI problem solving hypothesis.
Pilot project
· Development of Project management methodology

· The final technical assignment is formed, its cost and work schedule are approved .

· Additional training of the neural network is being carried out; solution algorithms are being finalized based on the results of the pilot project.

· An engineering project is being developed, the purchase, delivery, installation and adjustment of the entire range of equipment is carried out.

· The system is being developed in accordance with the terms of reference.

· Integrations with external systems are being carried out.

· Users are trained.
& implementation